About Me


Raven Diamond is an Actor, Model, NAMA Nominee (2019 Best Music Video), Singer, Songwriter, Sketchbook Artist, and published Author who resides in San Antonio, TX with her family. She has several comic series on Tapas and WEBTOONs and plans to make more. She’s also a humanitarian at heart and works with non-profits in her spare time.

In Depth:

Raven D’nai Diamond (She/Her) was born Tuesday November 15, 1994 in Fort Hood, TX. Shortly after birth, her mother moved to San Antonio, TX. She has been a San Antonian for most of her years with a brief exception of a year and a few months scattered about her life. Raven was raised by her mother and her grandparents on her mother’s side.


She is a Clark, Northwest Vista (graduated with honors), and San Antonio A&M alumni. She is also an alumnus of Phi Theta Kappa (PTK) and National Honor Society of Leadership and Success [Sigma Alpha Phi (SAP), Earned NELA Award].

She graduated with a bachelor’s in information assurance and security as well as other certificates and awards. Certificates: CompTIA, Linux Professional, Digital Forensics, Cisco Professional, Cisco Security, Security+, and A+ (through NVC). Learning to Lead certificate (based on the 7 Habits of Highly Successful People). SkillsBooster 2020 (Badgr achieved Badges via Alamo Colleges) Collaboration, Problem Solving, and Resilience. VSC (Volunteer Standards of Conduct, Form 13614-C) and Intake/Interview for 2023 Taxes through IRS website Link & Learn.

She has read The Secret, Art of War, 7 Habits of Highly Successful People, and The Way of the Sheppard to help her further understand what it takes to make it in the world. She has increased her typing speed to 30-50 WPM and is doing her best to get faster.

Programs/Technology Skills

The Programs she has learned, or she is currently learning are the following:

For Operating systems Windows OS (XP-Current), Mac OS (Snow Leopard-Current), Kali Linux IOS, Android IOS, and Apple IOS (iPhone/iPad).

For programs she has knowledge about FTK, Some Cisco, Photoshop, Microsoft (Excel, Word, PowerPoint, OneNote, Outlook, Teams, SharePoint, Editor, etc.), some Presi, Illustrator, Adobe Express (FKA: Adobe Spark), Adobe Audition, Adobe Reader, DocuSign, Form Swift, WordPress (can also do minor SEO), GarageBand, Google Drive (docs, sheets, etc.), OneDrive, Dropbox, Skype, Zoom, Nice InContact, RingCentral, Zoho, Vulog, Stripe, Zendesk, Market Tools, Copart, Agero, IAA, Guidewire, LexisNexis, Charity Tracker, ProWritingAid, Atticus, Vellum, Scrapple, Scrivener, Grammerly, iMovie and Windows movie maker.

Social media marketing programs familiar with: Buffer.

AI programs that she has some basic familiarity with: Gemini, ChatGPT, and Mid journey. Prefers to write and draw with her skills, but can use them if a job requires it.

Able to do minor marketing using the following: Facebook, Instagram, X (Twitter), TikTok, YouTube, Patreon, and LinkedIn. Can also use Twitch, Discord, Snapchat, and Amino.

Understands how to publish on WEBTOON, Tapas, Patreon, Fanfiction, Vocal/Vocal+, Mythrill, Dreame, Starry, ShareStory, PopComic, and Wattpad.

Familiar with the various money Transfer/Trading apps Coinbase, Kraken, Wise, Zelle, PayPal, Cash App, and Venmo.

Can build computers/systems, protect/secure computers/systems, and do minor hacking on computers/systems for security tests. Able to coordinate a team of people for various types of projects. Able to adapt to new projects and learn new skills. Familiar with using ADP, Workday, OKTA, and Paycom to train/clock in.

Knows some C#, some HTML, some SQL, and some JAVA Script.


Always looking to expand her horizons, she has learned the following languages to assist her in music and creative writing.

English- Native speaker- College level writing
Spanish- Beginner in speaking and writing
German – Basic phrases
Japanese- Basic phrases
Korean- Writing only minor things translated for comics
Chinese (Simplified)- writing only minor things translated for comics
Sign Language (American)- Beginner (some phrases and alphabet)
Akkadian (dead language) – Beginner Writing and Speaking
Hieroglyphics (dead language) – Beginner
Hindi – Beginner writing only minor things translated for comics/books
Arabic/Italian/Latin/French/Portuguese/Swahili – Choir songs only


She has many ventures and has experience in all the following (years accurate up to 2023 will update as needed)

Modeling (2 or 3 publications, several local runway shows, works with local art schools) 10 years
Logo/Cover Design 4 years
Voice Acting (Fandubs, YouTube Channel Narrator, Comic Book dubs, etc.) 4 years
Music (can create beats and sing D3-E6 as well as mimic several well-known singers) 23 years
Acting (dinner theaters, indie film, stage, improv, kids tv) 17 years (slight gap after Cat Paws)
Crew (lights, camera, assistant PA, catering assistant, wardrobe/makeup assistant, assistant set builder, assistant prop maker, Editor, Director, music score) 14 years
Writing/Editing (webcomics, articles, technical step-by-step instructions, minor copywriting, episodics, anthologies, co-writing, ghost writing, song writing, game scripts, play scripts, comic script writing) 17 years
Art (sketchbook library, image for a poetry book, charity drawings, Commissions) 10 years
Photography (studio, nature, blacklight/color, models) 10 years

Raven also attempted other career fields when she was younger but ended up not pursuing them. As a result, she has an Expired CNA License from Florida, an Expired CPR License, and an Expired MedTech License from Florida. She was a licensed insurance adjuster (P&C) in forty-eight states (Not NY or HI).