God of Gears

This series has over 200 episodes and will be coming back for Season 3 soon. Trigger Warnings: Dark Themes, Sexual References, Abuse, Drug References, Mental Illness, Gore, Violence, Language, etc.

Silas Valentine, a repairman in the steampunk land of Virtuoso, accepts the job of a lifetime only to be tossed into the war between the dying world of magic and the thriving world of man’s machines. While walking the tightrope between the two worlds, he becomes something neither human nor magical creature and begins to hear the voices and thoughts of machines, as well as tamper with the flow of time.

Rumors of his abilities travel, and so does the fear of what he could do to the world and the people in power. Free excerpt from the series.

Full Moon King

This story started out as a comic then transitioned into an Episodic Novel. It had a few stints on various websites before finding its true home on Mythrill. This series has almost 200 episodes and already green lit for season 3. Trigger Warnings: Dark Themes, Sexual References, Abuse, Drug References, Mental Illness, Gore, Violence, Language.

Silver Heart is a teen with a checkered past. His whole life he has had to fight to survive, but in death his world is turned upside down. He learns he is the prophesied Full Moon King; a being that comes at the end of an era and could lead all to their salvation, all to their damnation, or down a new path. The question is: what path is he walking down?

Witchy Wanderings

Angel is your average bookstore clerk in the heart of your typical downtown tourist trap. She’s discontented with her life and knows something is missing. Vague memories rattle in the back of her mind and the occult beckons her to remember her past and explore her true future. A future full of gray choices, magical repercussions, and shadow work. Trigger Warnings: Occult, dark themes, cursing, violence. Available on WebNovel.

Dead News Network

An unknown sickness made a platoon full of military members into mindless zombies right after routine training. They have been blocked off on an island before their disease could spread. Valencia Romano, a female freelance reporter, thinks that story is a little too clean and starts digging into a drug company known to work with the military; that just so happens to be five miles from said island… Trigger Warnings: Death, gore, dark themes, cursing, drugs, violence. Available on WebNovel.

Saint of the Damned

The world has fallen into Chaos after the End Days and the battle rages on with even the pure-hearted left to fend for themselves on Earth. God holds a stronghold on the tallest newly formed mountain in Bethlehem while the Devil has taken refuge in the ‘City of Sin’. Both are at a stalemate and their borders are constantly attacked. It’s said to be a punishment and a death sentence to be sent to those areas.

Violet is one of those unlucky souls. She was blessed with the power to heal and magic that can wound even the mightiest of enemies, but it was neither holy nor demonic in origin; which made many question the authority of the church. To deal with this and make her useful she was sent to the border to heal their soldiers. Trigger Warnings: Death, gore, dark themes, cursing, occult, war, violence, romantic themes, sins. Available on WebNovel.


Nothing But Bones (2020 First Edition)

(Short story within the anthology The Lacy Curtain Between Life and Death)

We’ve all heard of the Tooth Fairy, but what about their darker cousins the Bone Fairy? Do all monsters like them go bump in the night or are there worse monsters hiding in plain sight? Let’s take a trip back to 1912 with an unlikely and horrific love story. All proceeds go to Plant a Billion Trees.

Nothing But Bones (2024 Second Edition)

We’ve all heard of the tooth fairy, but what about their darker cousins, the Bone Fairy? Do all monsters like them “go bump in the night” or are there worse monsters hiding in plain sight? Let’s take a trip to Albania in the fall of 1912. This is the beginning of an unlikely and horrific love story.

Originally published in an anthology, but now as an expanded (more than double the length) standalone with bonus content (12 extra lore cards/maps). Content Warnings: Explicit Language, Explicit Violence, Sexual Violence, Hate Speech. Heat level: Clean (0) – Sweet (1). Available on Campfire.

Carnivore Chorus

(Short story within the anthology Six Feet from Tomorrow: Post Pandemic Tales of What Could Be)

A lone dove must find food in the new COVID-19 reality of New York City. Can it survive the day, or will new dangers ensnare it before it can find food? All proceeds go to Plant a Billion Trees.

Eyal and the Unusual Day

(A collaboration where only a few pages were written by each author.)

A short story about a little boy’s unusual day.

This book is a collaborative writing adventure. Eight authors from around the world have each added to the storyline with their own twisting of the tale. None knew where the story would lead or how it would end. The joint undertaking was much like the children’s game ‘Broken Telephone’. The wonderful twists and turns weave the tale into a thrilling and surprising adventure of a young boy named Eyal. All the proceeds, (royalties) from the sale of this book are to be donated to the children’s ward of the Baruch Padeh Hospital in Israel.

Phoenix Journal: Choices

This book was a co-authored venture. The story idea and rough draft was created by Adjanu Bouzi, and Raven Diamond helped bring it to life with editing, flow, extra scenes, and more.

Humanity is faced with extinction. With a merciless race of beings wiping out every city, their fate rests in the hands of the legendary warrior known as the Phoenix. But reborn from the ashes of his predecessor and with no control of his powers, living up to his destiny is no easy task.

As the world crumbles around him and his enemies grow stronger, the Phoenix must flee his homeland and find a way to unlock his inner power – without letting his magic’s darkness consume him. But his enemies won’t rest until they’ve eradicated him and everyone that he loves.

Searching for the rebirth of his queen and with his powers awakening, the Phoenix is soon faced with a choice – the fulfill his destiny and stop their enemies, or to protect the princess who he’s falling in love with more every day…

Short Online Stories

Grandfather Murder

A short story about how a grandfather clock catches a murderer.

Speeding Letter

A glimpse into the life of a man wishing for children.

Lonely Violin

A short quick horror story about a ghost and a violin.


Family Tree (A Christmas Story)

A short comic based on an original poem. This is the story of an Evergreen Tree that wishes to be a Christmas Tree for the holidays. Poem/story by Raven Diamond. Artist Ignis Yik. Released and completed Christmas Week 2021.

Coming Soon

Ferritin Contract

This story is in progress and not currently signed (pending).

Fabin is a Gancanagh Fair Folk. Like others of his kind, he seduces men and women to kill them for food or make them owe him a favor. One evening he meets a rather ravishing woman called Rosetta. She falls for his charm like so many before her, but when he invites her inside his home, she reveals she’s actually a vampire. After an initial fight of magical favors and bloodlust, they realize they may be evenly matched. At first, they try to simply go their separate ways, but the laws of the universe snare them. One must kill the other or they must find a loophole to the ancient laws. If they can’t both will slowly perish.

Gem of the Sea

In progress and Signed with Hear Our Voice, LLC. Release Date: TBD

Atlantis, home of the Merfolk and human Atlanteans, is a continent with perfect weather and thriving trade routes. They’re known for their advanced medicine, dazzling fireworks, and a week-long mysterious festival called Ocean’s Gift. Sixteen-year-old Pearl and her father venture to this island to try their luck and set up a family fish stall, but tragedy strikes on the High Seas. Pearl’s father is killed by pirates while she’s taken and sold in the Atlantean Black Market. A desperate mother buys her from the pirates to replace her daughter; who was chosen to be in the festival. Pearl quickly learns that the festival wasn’t a celebration, but instead a sacrifice to the Merfolk.


This is a potential episodic or novel series. In progress. Not currently Signed.

Estrella is an orphaned human working as a maid for school and board in a local Angel school on the outskirts of the Domain of Light; ruled by the Gods. On the boarder of this territory is the wastelands ruled by the Fallen and acts as a barrier to the enemy nation of Nightfall Kingdom; ruled by the Devils. A war has long since plagued the wastelands with all three sides believing they are right. Unknown to Estrella, her bloodline is the key to changing the tide of the stalemated war. Join Estrella on the adventure of self-discovery, forbidden love, and world changing battles.

I Wish to Break the Rules

A short story originally part of the anthology Escape to Reality. This did win Reader’s Choice award for the anthology. Sadly, the anthology was canceled and this short is currently looking for a new home.

A Djinn is stuck in the depths of prison for unspeakable wishes. Will he be able to change his reality during his appeal process?

The Broker

A short story that is looking for a home.

A Broker that deals in obscure and unusual items with no questions asked, gets an object that he never expected.